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FamLoc is where Family History meets Local History. FamLoc is short for Families and Locations

The really interesting aspect about family history is finding out more about the location in which your ancestors lived. Whatever the town in which your ancestor lived, she interacted with that town’s (and adjacent towns’) places of work, shops, public houses, etc.
To that end, we have made available a Comments on each of our pages where additional information and queries can be posted.These are at the bottom of most pages. Your comments are most welcome. You can upload your knowledge of local and family history to FamLoc, and maybe connect with a distant relative seeking the same information.
In due course we will add pages for each town to include information on streets, factories, shops, housing conditions, etc. etc.
To assist in your research we have included details and links to the websites of the Local History Centres for each Borough, and also a link to the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA).

FamLoc has also republished out-of-print local history books, making them available to a new generation
We have already edited and republished several local history books, and will be publishing more. We realise local history books are an invaluable source of information for putting the flesh on the bone of basic Birth, Marriages and Deaths (BMD) and Census information.

Please feel free to add comments to our pages (except this one!)