Fulham Old and New

Fulham Old and New

Welcome to FamLoc’s main page for the local history book Fulham Old and New.
Avoid cheap photocopies. FamLoc is the ONLY publisher to properly republish out-of-print Fulham history books.
There are three volumes of Fulham Old and New:
Originally published in 1900, this FamLoc Edition of Fulham Old and New has been republished with just a small number of changes to the format, and made available for all those who are interested in the history of Fulham, or have Fulham ancestors and wish to know more about the place in which their ancestors lived. There is a wealth of history here, and many, many names of residents from all walks of life are included.

Fulham Old and New Vol. I, by Charles James Fèret

This book consists of 570 pages, and is packed with information, and is guaranteed to interest the reader for many months!
There are 127 photographs and illustrations. See also Fulham Old and New Vol. II and Fulham Old and New Vol. III below.


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Chapters and Contents of Fulham Old and New Vol I:

Chapter I: The Name “Fulham”
Chapter II: The Manor of Fulham
Chapter III: Boundaries of The Parish and of The Manor of Fulham
Chapter IV: The River
Chapter V: Agriculture and Trade
Chapter VI: Population
Chapter VII: Amusements
Chapter VIII: Punishments
Chapter IX: The Highways and Byways of Fulham
Chapter X: Wintering of the Danes at Fulham
Chapter XI: Fulham Ferry
Chapter XII: A Bridge of Boats
Chapter XIII: Old Fulham or Putney Bridge
Chapter XIV: New Putney Bridge
Chapter XV: The Old Town
Chapter XVI: High Street (General)
Chapter XVII: High Street (East Side)
Chapter XVIII: High Street (West Side)
Chapter XIX: High Street (Miscellaneous)
Chapter XX: Burlington Road
Chapter XXI: Church Row
Chapter XXII: Fulham Church
Chapter XXIII: Fulham Church: Its Monuments And Epitaphs
Chapter XXIV: Fulham Churchyard


Fulham Old and New Vol. II, by Charles James Fèret

Fulham Old and New Vol. II is over 500 pages, and includes 171 illustrations. Chapters on Walham Green and Parson’s Green are also included. Note this is a proper re-publication of the original, and not merely a cheap photo-copy that some “publishers” are selling. Fulham Old and New will be of great interest to those who value local history for its own sake, as well as for those who have ancestors who lived in Fulham, and wish to find out more about the place in which their ancestor lived and worked.
See also Fulham Old and New Vol. I and Fulham Old and New Vol. III.

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Chapters and Contents of Fulham Old and New Vol II:


Chapter I: Fulham Church and Churchyard (Miscellaneous)
Chapter II: Rectors and Vicars Of Fulham
Chapter III: Tithes
Chapter IV: New King’s Road: High Street to Burlington Road; Burlington Road to Parson’s Green; Parson’s Green to Waterford Road; Waterford Road to Stanley Bridge.
Chapter V: Parson’s Green: General; East Side; Parson’s Green Lane; West Side; South Side.
Chapter VI: Fulham Road: High Street to Munster Road; Munster Road to Percy Cross; Percy Cross to Walham Green; Walham Green to Stamford Bridge.
Chapter VII: Walham Green
Chapter VIII: North End
Chapter IX: North End Road: Walham Green to Lillie Road; Lillie Road to Gibbs Green; Gibbs Green to Hammersmith Road.
Chapter X: Hammersmith Road.


Fulham Old and New Vol. III, by Charles James Fèret

This book consists of a whopping 537 pages and includes more than 204 illustrations, most of which are photographs.
As with the previous two volumes, it has been extremely well researched, and is invaluable to the local historian and family historian, as well as being of interest to the general reader.
See also Fulham Old and New Vol. I and Fulham Old and New Vol. II.

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Chapters and Contents of Fulham Old and New Vol III:

Chapter I: Fulham Fields and the Roads Across Them: Section I: General; Section II: Dawes Road; Section III: Lillie Road and Greyhound Road.
Chapter II: Fulham Palace Road: Section I: Parr Ditch to the Fulham Union; Section II: Claybrook Villa to High Bank; Section III: Brandenburgh House to Palace Place.
Chapter III: Crabtree.
Chapter IV: Fulham Palace: Section I: Western Quadrangle; Section II: Eastern Quadrangle; Section III: The Grounds and the Moat; Section IV: Miscellaneous.
Chapter V: The Bishops of London (Part I).
Chapter VI: Suppression of the Bishopric.
Chapter VII:   The Bishops of London (Part II).
Chapter VIII: Bishop’s Park.
Chapter IX: Millbank.
Chapter X: Hurlingham.
Chapter XI: Broomhouse.
Chapter XII: Town Meadows: Section I: General; Section II: Church Acres; Section II: Other Lands.
Chapter XIII: Sands End: Section I: General; Section II: Sandford Manor House; Section III: Grove House; Section IV: Other Houses and Lands of Note; Section V: Other Noteworthy Residents; Section VI: Miscellaneous Notes.
Appendix A: Survey of Church Livings Furnished to the Commonwealth, by Order of Parliament, 1647-1658.
Appendix B: Some Customs of the Manor.
Appendix C: List of Views, Relating to Fulham, Preserved in the British Museum and the Guildhall Public Library.
Appendix D: Miscellaneous References, Etc. to Fulham.
Appendix E: Bibliography of Fulham.
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