The Story of Royal Eltham

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The Story of Royal Eltham, by R. R. C. Gregory

First published in 1909, The Story of Royal Eltham is almost 600 pages of invaluable information for the local historian and family historian.
This FamLoc edition has been fully re-edited and reformatted to retain quality (beware of some “publishers” who merely photocopy the source material).
The Story of Royal Eltham is much more than about royalty; within can be found much information on churches, people of note, old buildings and landmarks, street names, charities, and much more.


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Chapters and Contents of The Story of Royal Eltham, by R. R. C. Gregory:

Original 1909 Preface
FamLoc Preface
Chapter I: In Cæsar’s Days
Chapter II: From Augusta to the Sea
Chapter III: Eltham in the Making
Chapter IV: When Alwold was Lord
Chapter V: The Sign in the Sky
Chapter VI: The Warrior Bishop
Chapter VII: Haimo, the Shire Reeve
Chapter VIII: God’s Acre
Chapter IX: Eltham Crosses
Chapter X: Churchyard Scenes
Chapter XI: Some Old Time Burial Customs
Chapter XII: Some Distinguished Dead
Chapter XIII: St. John’s Church
Chapter XIV: The Bells of Eltham
Chapter XV: A Peep into the Parish Records
Chapter XVI: Eltham Palace
Chapter XVII: Bishop Bek, the Beautifier
Chapter XVIII: Queen Isabella and Price John
Chapter XIX: In the Days of Chivalry
Chapter XX: When Knights Were Bold
Chapter XXI: The Captive King
Chapter XXII: A Famous Chronicler
Chapter XXIII: Richard II and Eltham
Chapter XXIV: Book of Amours and Moralities
Chapter XXV: Chaucer and the Highwaymen
Chapter XXVI: Henry IV and Eltham
Chapter XXVII: Henry V and Eltham
Chapter XXVIII: After Agincourt
Chapter XXIX: Henry VI and Eltham
Chapter XXX: Edward IV at Eltham
Chapter XXXI: Henry VII and Eltham
Chapter XXXII: In the Days of Henry VIII
Chapter XXXIII: The Statutes of Eltham
Chapter XXXIV: Mary and Elizabeth
Chapter XXXV: Concerning “Old Stubbes”
Chapter XXXVI: In the Days of James I
Chapter XXXVII: When Charles I Was King
Chapter XXXVIII: The Royalist Rising in Kent
Chapter XXXIX: The Fate of the Royal Palace
Chapter XL: The Story of Well Hall
Chapter XLI: Notes on the Ropers
Chapter XLII: Shooter’s Hill
Chapter XLIII: Free-born John
Chapter XLIV: Eltham Lodge
Chapter XLV: Sherard House
Chapter XLVI: Two Noted Eltham Families
Chapter XLVII: An Eltham Vicar
Chapter XLVIII: Southend House
Chapter XLIX: Other Old Dwellings
Chapter L: Some Notes on Mottingham
Chapter LI: Some Landmarks Old and New
Chapter LII: The Eltham Charities
Chapter LIII: The Churches of Eltham
Chapter LIV: The Schools of Eltham
Chapter LV: Some Eltham Worthies of the Nineteenth Century
Chapter LVI: Other Matters of Eltham
Appendix I: List of Subscribers
Appendix II: Books and Authorities Consulted in the Compilation of this Volume

Images included in “The Story of Royal Eltham”:

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