Beckenham History Books

Beckenham History Books

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“The Romans knew Beckenham and it became a substantial village by the time of Domesday Book. However, it remained a village for the next eight centuries until the arrival of the railway and the Crystal Palace which transformed it, as a new town sprang up on its green fields. Fortunately, the camera had been invented in time to record those dramatic changes and a rich legacy of old photographs survives to tell how a sleepy Kentish village became a bustling London suburb. First published in 1993, the book has now been updated and redesigned.”

“For a London suburb, Beckenham is surprisingly leafy, forming part of the South East London Green Chain. Originally a Kent village, it remained a rural farming area interspersed with large, gracious estates until the mid-nineteenth century, when the railway arrived bringing prosperity and a huge boost in population. Home to a number of estates that later became large parks, the area retains much of the gentile and rural charm of its past.”
Beckenham Through Time

We also include maps because they are a valuable source for making sense of the location and street names. Of particular interest are the Godfrey Edition maps, which are printed at a large scale, have street names included, and have the bonus of extracts from directories on the reverse, showing the names and proprietors of shops, doctors, etc.

We at FamLoc are very much interested in republishing out-of-print and new Beckenham history books and making them available to a new generation. Your suggestions are welcome.

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