Bermondsey History

Bermondsey History and Family History

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Welcome to our Bermondsey History main page. From here you can link to other pages for more info on Bermondsey history and Family History.
We have included the modern map of Bermondsey (above) for those who do not know the area.

We very much welcome Bermondsey history and family history input.

Bermondsey History: Bermondsey PanoramaRemains of Bermondsey Abbey, from the churchyard of St Mary Magdalen, looking southwards.
From Bermondsey: Its Historic Memories and Associations, by Edward T. Clarke

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We are always looking for more info on Bermondsey history and Family History, and welcome your input.

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  • Sandra Jones

    My name is Sandra Jones. We have traced our history back to our great great granddad. It shows he married Ann Elizabeth Thomas at Bermondsey New Church London on 25 Aug 1845.
    i was wondering if you have this down anywhere (register) with there details? Somewhere i can check out some history.
    They left from Kent (sailed from Southampton 29 Aug 1853 on the “Epaminondas. Arrived Port Adelaide (South Australia) on 24 Dec 1853

    Thank You

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