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“This two-volume set covers an area of the East End which has been subject to massive change. Traditionally a shipbuilding and victualling area, in Napoleonic times it became the site of an innovative enclosed dock-system. Later came the development of manufacturing units for everything from prefabricated iron buildings to confectionery. Since the 1980s a laissez-faire approach to planning has stimulated the redevelopment of the area, culminating in the spectacular Canary wharf. Illustrated by early and recent photographs, and by architectural and survey drawings, these latest parish volumes will be the first to deal with an extensive docklands area, and with the impact of a local development corporation.”
Survey of London: Poplar, Blackwall and the Isle of Dogs

“Originally known as the Commercial Railway, the London & Blackwall was one of London’s earliest and most distinctive lines. Stretching eastwards along a string of viaducts, it went from the City to Blackwall on the Thames. Worked by a rope haulage system initially, rather than conventional locomotives, it was built to a non-standard gauge of about 5 feet – all the more surprising given the involvement of Robert Stephenson. The railway served a mixed clientele, with dock workers and seamen rubbing shoulders with day-trippers and travellers connecting with vessels moored at Blackwall. Later extensions took the rails into the Isle of Dogs and, via Bow, to the east and northeast of London. Leased by the Great Eastern Railway in 1866, it was later absorbed by the LNER until passenger services ceased in 1926. Final closure of the railway in 1968 was not the end of the line for the old L&BR as the arrival of the Docklands Light Railway saw much of the route brought back into regular use.”
– The London & Blackwall Railway: Dockland’s First Railway

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