Brockley Churches and Chapels

Brockley churches and chapels are all located in the London Borough of Lewisham.
Listed here are the chapels and churches for which there are records at the Local Authority or the London Metropolitan Archives. We will add more as they come to our attention.

FamLoc lists Brockley churches and chapels, and where possible gives details of location with a map link.

For centuries, Brockley was in the Parish of Deptford, and there is much more information on Brockley churches and chapels in History of Deptford by Nathan Dews.

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Brockley Wesleyan Chapel (Non-Conformist)

Location unknown
London Borough of Lewisham
1914 Apr 1932 Nov
Register of marriages N/M/043/02/001
1923 Dec 1935 Dec
Register of marriages N/M/043/02/002
1936 Apr 1947 Jun
Register of marriages N/M/043/02/003

Saint Cyprian, Brockley

Brockley Churches: St. Cyprian Church, Brockley
Ivy Road, Brockley, SE4 1HF
London Borough of Lewisham
Saint Cyprian, Brockley Lost Churches link
Saint Cyprian, Brockley map location
Demolished. A replacement church was built on Brockley Road, which as at 2011 was being turned into housing.
Baptisms 1892 – 1901, 1901 – 1960;
Banns 1892 – 1960;
Marriages 1892 – 1960

Saint George

Also known as HATCHAM, ST GEORGE
76-78 Foxberry Road, Brockley, SE4 2SP
Saint George, Brockley Lost Churches link
Saint George, Brockley map location
LMA: Not deposited
At church:
Bapt. 1919 –

Saint Peter

Brockley Churches: St. Peter's Church, Brockley
Wickham Road, Brockley, SE4 1LT
London Borough of Lewisham
Saint Peter, Brockley web link

Register of baptisms 1867 – 1949

Register of marriages 1872 – 1942

Register of banns of marriage 1936 – 1970

Register of confirmations 1888 – 1902



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