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“In 1791, in an area then mostly fields, building plots were laid out by the main road on land owned by the Marquess of Camden. Within 30 years Camden Town became part of London’s northern expansion. The Regent’s Canal and the London to Birmingham railway hastened this, but with the invasion of more polluting railways much of the area deteriorated into lodging houses until its rebirth in the 1970s. Today, its markets are a famous tourist attraction and its houses are sought by urbanites.”
– Camden Town and Primrose Hill Past

“The psychedelic concerts at The Roundhouse probably marked the moment that Camden became cool, long before Amy Winehouse became the local diva who died much too young. Both are locally well-known, but what about the spiritualist temple that Sherlock Holmes helped build or the folk dance revival that started in a Camden Hay Market or the site of the Camden Town Murder? Camden might have the best eels and mash shop in North London but it was also the home of a local priest who was deported as a political undesirable and of a Black revolutionary who was known all over the world. Curious Camden Town explores thirty or so locations across this lively locality and brings to life the remarkable stories attached to them.”
Curious Camden Town

We also include maps because they are a valuable source for making sense of the location and street names. Of particular interest are the Godfrey Edition maps, which are printed at a large scale, have street names included, and have the bonus of extracts from directories on the reverse, showing the names and proprietors of shops, doctors, etc.

We at FamLoc are very much interested in republishing out-of-print and new Camden Town history books and making them available to a new generation. Your suggestions are welcome.


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