Catford Churches and Chapels

Catford is in the London Borough of Lewisham, and has the post code SE6.

Most churches are of architectural merit, but the Baptism, Marriage and Burial registers will be of prime importance to family historians. For that reason, we give as much detail as possible on parish registers. FamLoc lists details of Catford churches and chapels, provides a map link for each one, and includes links to other info of interest to local and family historians.

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Wherever possible, we have included A Church Near You website, which lists every church in the Church of England with accurate maps, contact information, service times and much more. We also include a map link for Catford churches and chapels.
For the Anglican churches we include a web link to that body’s website, which includes more info about the particular church.
For some ex-churches we have included the Lost Churches website link.

We welcome input from Local and family historians on Catford churches and chapels.

Saint Andrew’s, Catford

St. Andrew's Church, Catford
Sandhurst Road, Catford, SE6 1XD
London Borough of Lewisham
Saint Andrew, Catford web link
Saint Andrew, Catford map link
LMA: Not deposited
Register of Baptisms 1900 – 1990
Register of Marriages 1905 – 1991

Saint Laurence, Catford

St. Laurences Church, Catford
Bromley Road, Catford, SE6 2TS
London Borough of Lewisham
Saint Laurence, Catford web link
Saint Laurence, Catford map link
Lewisham archives:
Register of Baptisms 1887 – 1984
Register of Marriages 1888 – 1981
Banns 1901 – 1981
Register of Burials 1887 – 1900

Saint Mark, Catford

Castillon Road, SE6 1RN
London Borough of Lewisham
Saint Mark, Downham web link
Saint Mark, Downham map link
The LMA places this church in Downham, but the church authorities list it under Catford. According to the map, it is in Catford, being north of Whitefoot Lane.
Register of Baptisms from 1948

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