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"Old Kew, Chiswick and Kensington" book coverOld Kew, Chiswick and Kensington, by Lloyd Sanders.

Old Kew, Chiswick and Kensington was originally published in 1910. This FamLoc Edition is a faithful re-publication, preserving Lloyd Sanders’ original text. There have, however, been the necessary changes to format, and a very small number of corrections to typographical errors.

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Chapters and Contents concerning Chiswick history:

Chapter I: From Kew to Chiswick
Strand-on-the-Green — Its houses and inns — Joe Miller and Mallet — The Lord Mayor’s barge — Grove Park — Grove House and the Barkers — The Granthams — Humphry Morice and his pets — Chiswick church and churchyard — Chiswick Mall.
Chapter II: The Church and Manors of Chiswick
Origin of the name — The vicars —William Bordall — Three visitations of the church — Vessels and vestments — An armed incursion — Later history of the church — The manor of Sutton —The fishery — Mediaeval land tenure — The Brays — Sutton Court — Chaloner Chute — Lord Fauconberg — “A curious piece of antiquity” — The gardens of Sutton Court — Goodman and the College House — Westminster headmasters at Chiswick — The Chiswick Press — The end of the Manor House — James Ralph and the Berrys.
Chapter III: Old Corney House, Chiswick Mall, and Chiswick Lane
Bowack on Chiswick — Arrival of the Russells — Lord Russell of Thornhaugh — The fourth Earl of Bedford — Lord Macartney —Messrs. Thornycroft — Sir Henry Sidney — Sir Thomas Chaloner — The Marquis of Worcester — Chiswick Mall—High House —Walpole House — The Duchess of Cleveland, Becky Sharp, O’Connell and Thackeray — Chiswick Lane and Pope — Dr. Rose — Rousseau and his dog.
Chapter IV: The Manor House and Manor House Farm
Sir Stephen Fox — A veteran placeman — An elderly bridegroom — The Manor House and its garden — “Go to Chiswick ” — Lord Wilmington — Lady Mary Coke — Manor House Farm — Dr. Horne —Dr. Tuke.
Chapter V: Chiswick House
The Wardours — The Earl and Countess of Somerset — A disgraced pair — Lord Pembroke and Lord Paulet — The Duke of Monmouth — Sir Edward Seymour — The Burlingtons — Lord Burlington’s villa — Kent and land­scape gardening — The statuary, bridge and temple — The Inigo Jones gateway — The Napoleon Walk — Lord Burlington and Gay — Pope at Chiswick House — The fourth Duke of Devonshire — The death of Fox —The menagerie of the sixth Duke — Death of Canning — Visits of the allied Sovereigns and the Czar Nicholas — Harriet, Lady Granville — Garibaldi at Chiswick — Later history of Chiswick House.
Chapter VI: Hogarth and his Contemporaries
Hogarth’s settlement at Chiswick — The state of his art — The cottage and its surroundings — The “March to Finchley” and other works — Hogarth’s friends — The “Analysis of Beauty” —Hogarth’s quarrel with Wilkes — His death — Hogarth’s tomb —Phillips’s description of Chiswick — The subsequent fate of Hogarth House — A visit to the cottage — Charles Holland — De Loutherbourg — Brothers and two of his dupes — James McNeill Whistler.
Chapter VII: The Environs of Chiswick
Bedford Park — Turnham Green — The “Packhorse and Talbot” — The “King of Bohemia” — The Battle of Turnham Green —Highwaymen and Lord Pembroke — The Assassination Plot —Wellesley Road — Ugo Foscolo and his cenotaph — Sir John Chardin — Arlington House — Annandale House — Linden House — Dr. Griffiths and Bentley — Thomas Griffiths Wainewright — The Royal Horticultural Society — Its last days at Chiswick — Gunnersbury.

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Other Chiswick History Books and Maps

We display a variety of Chiswick history books in our panel (above). We also include the excellent Godfrey maps of Chiswick, which show the streets, houses, public houses, etc., and have the bonus of having a Business Directory of the area on the reverse.


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