Deptford Churches and Chapels

Deptford churches and chapels are mostly located in the London Borough of Lewisham, but two (including St Nicholas Church) are within the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
Listed here are the Deptford churches and chapels for which there are records at the Local Authority or the London Metropolitan Archives. We will add more as they come to our attention.

FamLoc lists Deptford churches and chapels, and where possible gives details of location with a map link.

There is much more information on Deptford churches and chapels in History of Deptford by Nathan Dews.

Christ Church, Deptford

Deptford Church Street, Deptford, SE8 4RL
Christ Church was demolished in 1936, presumably for new local authority flats.
Christ Church records are with the London Borough of Lewisham and LMA
Christ Church Map Location
Registers are with the London Metropolitan Archives, and Lewisham Local History Centre

Baptisms July 1871 – November 1936
Marriages December 1871 – August 1936
Banns of Marriages December 1894 – November 1936

Deptford Congregational Church

Deptford High Street
The Deptford Congregational Church on Deptford High Street originated in a meeting house of 1702. This was rebuilt in 1756 and then was replaced by a large chapel in 1862. The church closed in 1969
Deptford Congregational Church Map Location
Deptford Congregational Church records are with the London Metropolitan Archives, and Lewisham Local History Centre

Marriages December 1914 – December 1967

Our Lady of the Assumption, Deptford (Catholic)

Deptford Churches: Our Lady of the Assumption, Deptford

Deptford High Street

Saint Barnabus Church for the Deaf, Deptford

Evelyn Street, Deptford, SE8
Royal Borough of Greenwich
We are not yet sure of the exact location, but the map link is an approximation
records are with the London Metropolitan Archives, and Greenwich Local History Centre
Saint Barnabus Church for the Deaf map location

Baptisms 1939 – 1957

Saint John, Deptford

Deptford Churches: St. John's Church, Deptford
Lewisham Way, Deptford, SE8 4EA
London Borough of Lewisham
Saint John Church, Deptford, weblink
Saint John Church records are with the LMA and Lewisham History Centre

Baptisms October 1855 – August 1935
Marriages November 1855 – August 1969
Banns of Marriages 1855 – 1872, 1875 – 1884, 1888 – 1892, 1914 – 1924, 1930 – 1936, 1942 – 1987

Saint John the Divine Spiritual Baptist Church, Deptford

186 Deptford High Street, Deptford
Saint John the Divine Spiritual Baptist Church, Deptford closed in 1991. The Spiritual Baptist Church has Caribbean origins, and is particularly prevalent in Trinidad. Members are sometimes referred to as ‘Shouters’ because they shout, clap and dance during services, however, this term is now considered derogatory as it was used by the British Colonial government which outlawed Church meetings until 1951.
London Borough of Lewisham
Records are with the LMA and Lewisham History Centre
Saint John the Divine Spiritual Baptist Church map location

Marriage, June 1991 (only one entry)

Saint Luke, Deptford

Deptford Churches: St. Luke, Deptford
190 Evelyn Street, Deptford, SE8 5DB
London Borough of Lewisham
Saint Luke, Deptford Church weblink
Saint John Church records are with the LMA and Lewisham History Centre
Baptisms 1872 – 1954
Marriages 1873 – 1918, 1923 – 1957
Banns of Marriages 1949 – 1959

Saint Nicholas, Deptford

Deptford Churches: St. Nicholas Church, Deptford
Deptford Green, Deptford, SE8 5PQ
Royal Borough of Greenwich
St Nicholas is the oldest of all the Deptford churches.
“Local tradition asserts that the old tower of St Nicholas, like many others around our coasts, formerly served as a lighthouse, for the guidance of vessels navigating the river by night; which is not at all improbable.
The steeple was repaired in 1780, and the great bell recast. The spiral staircase leading to the belfry is partly formed of Purbeck marble, a material never used for such purposes later than the reign of King Edward II, a fact which at once establishes its antiquity.
Above the doorway of the Charnel-house, in the Churchyard, is a very curious piece of carving, representing Ezekiel’s vision in the valley of dry bones; now carefully preserved from the action of the weather by a plate of glass. This is generally supposed to be the work of Grinling Gibbon. The gate posts, leading to the churchyard from the Stowage, are surmounted by a skull and cross-bones cut in stone, and apparently very old.”
History of Deptford by Nathan Dews
Saint Nicholas Church Deptford weblink
Records are at the LMA and Greenwich History Centre

Baptisms May 1592 – Dec 1652, October 1653 – September 1930
Marriages December 1571 – September 1933
Banns of marriages June 1878 – Dec 1899, June 1890 – January 1921
Burials November 1563 –  May 1648, October 1653 – February 1873
Transcripts and other printed lists:
Marr. 1730 – 1763 [FH929.3].
Monumental inscriptions for the
church of St Nicholas, Deptford, recorded by
the Woolwich & District Family History Society, Undated.

Saint Paul, Deptford

Deptford Churches: St. Paul's Church, Deptford
Deptford High Street, Deptford, SE8 3DS
London Borough of Lewisham
Of the Deptford churches, St. Paul’s covers the widest area.
“An Act of Parliament was passed in 1729, 3rd George II., c. 33, authorising the formation of the new district parish of St Paul, Deptford, and providing for the maintenance of the minister of the new church erected, between Church Street and Butt Lane (High Street), out of the public bounty, under the Acts passed in the years nine and ten of Queen Anne, for the building of fifty new churches in or near London. The church, which was consecrated by the Right Rev Edmund, Lord Bishop of London, June 30th, 1730, is, as Mr Dinwiddy truly says, a
`very noble example of a period in architecture, the English Renaissance, furnishing many sumptuous examples, in or about our metropolis, of church structures, rivalling the temples of the Ancients, and few, if any, excel in grandeur, the west front with its massive Tuscan porch, and elegant campanile, and interior of this Parish Church. The name of the architect is not known, but the design is worthy the genius of a Wren, and may have been one of the later works of Wren’s gifted pupil, Nicholas Hawksmoor, who was engaged under Sir Christopher, upon the building of Greenwich Hospital. The treatment of the remarkably elegant tower appears to have been inspired by the upper portion, above the belfry, of Saint Mary-le-Bow Church; Wren’s unrivalled tower.
The internal plan is remarkable for its squareness, the dimensions east to west being 76 feet without the apse (with the apse 89 feet), and from north to south, clear of the walls, 77 feet. Further, the plan is in the form of a Greek cross, this being particularly emphasised by the roof construction spanning east to west and north to south, the ridges intersecting and continuing to the four cardinal points in equal lengths terminating at the pediments on each front, the four corners between the short arms of the cross being occupied east by the vestries and west by the gallery staircases. The only exception that can be taken to the general perfection of the interior is in the treatment of the chancel apse, which with its dwarfed columns (in wood) and simpler Doric order appears eclipsed by the generally sumptuous finish of the edifice. The church is surrounded on three sides by deep galleries. The pews are of Dutch oak. In the central window of the chancel is a fine representation of the patron saint of the church, St Paul, in stained glass, by W Collins, the gift of the celebrated Dr Burney, Richard Edmonds, J. Mason, Samuel Gardiner, Thomas Marshall, [first name unknown] Bell, and Matthew Ffinch, Esqrs, in 1813; the two armchairs within the sanctuary being presented by Dr Burney, the Rector, at the same time. The Gothic chair was given in 185- by Miss Peart, of the Broadway, Deptford.
The altar-piece is by West, and represents the Conversion of St Paul. The organ, built by Bridge in 1730, was the gift of Benjamin Ffinch, Esq, the great grandfather of the late Rector, the Rev B. S. Ffinch.'”
History of Deptford by Nathan Dews
Saint Paul, Deptford, weblink
Records for St Paul Deptford are at LMA and Lewisham Local History Centre.

Baptisms June 1730 – July 1958
Marriages June 1730 – June 1882, June 1884 – September 1966
Banns of Marriages Nov. 1814 – March 1840, Nov. 1854 – March 1875, March 1891 – Sept. 1898
Burials June 1730 – June 1788
Confirmations at St Paul with St Mark March 1931 – June 1948

Parish Register transcript published by NWKFHS (Microfiche No. 52)

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