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Welcome to our Dulwich Churches and Chapels page. We have included East Dulwich churches with Dulwich Churches and Chapels. Boundaries are often blurred, and we hope this will save people switching from page to page.
FamLoc lists details of Dulwich churches and chapels, gives register information, and links to map location and other info.
Church registers are a prime source for family historians, and it is interesting to know exactly where the church or chapel was located, if it still exists, etc.
Remember, not all churches and chapels performed baptisms, marriages and burials; where they do, and there are registers, it is mentioned below the relevant church or chapel.

FamLoc welcomes input from family and local historians on Dulwich churches and chapels.

Click on the Dulwich History Books link below for much more information on Dulwich History, which includes much church history.

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All saints, West Dulwich

West Dulwich Churches: All Saints, WestDulwich
Thurlow Park Road, West Dulwich, SE21 8HY
This was a tin chapel, depicted in a 1875 view. The permanent building on Rosendale Road was completed in 1897.
All saints, West Dulwich, Lost Churches web link
All saints, West Dulwich, map link

Crystal Palace Road Methodist Church

East Dulwich
London Borough of Southwark
Crystal Palace Road Methodist Church map link
The map link is approximate; we do not know at present the exact location.
1940 Nov 1942 Mar
Register of marriages N/M/043/24/001

Dulwich College Chapel

Dulwich College Library
College Road, Dulwich, SE21 7AS
London Borough of Southwark
Dulwich College Chapel web link
Dulwich College Chapel map link
C 1616- M 1634-1754 B 1616-1855

East Dulwich Chapel

Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, SE22
London Borough of Southwark
The predecessor to St John’s East Dulwich (built 1865). It was sold in 1866 and demolished soon afterwards.
East Dulwich Chapel, Lost Churches web link
East Dulwich Chapel map link
C 1848-1864

Emmanuel Congregational Church

Barry Road, East Dulwich, Camberwell
London Borough of Southwark
Emmanuel Congregational Church was built in 1877 on Barry Road, East Dulwich. At first it was only a temporary iron structure but a stone church was constructed in 1891. The iron chapel was used as a Sunday School until 1989 when it was replaced by a hall. The Church was sold in 1972 when the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches merged to form the United Reformed Church. The hall was renovated and reopened as Christ Church in 1988.
Emmanuel Congregational Church, East Dulwich, map location
Marriages May 1899 – June 1985

Emmanuel, West Dulwich

Clive Road, West Dulwich, SE21
Demolished in 1966 due to fire damage. Replaced by a new complex comprising church and youth club buildings in 1968.
Emmanuel, West Dulwich, Lost Churches web link
Emmanuel, West Dulwich, map link

Epiphany Mission

Bassano Street, East Dulwich, SE22
Used for services until 1927 and again 1941-1951 until St John’s was rebuilt after the War.
Epiphany Mission, East Dulwich, Lost churches web link
Epiphany Mission, East Dulwich, map link

Saint Barnabas

Calton Avenue, Dulwich, SE21
London Borough of Southwark
The building was destroyed by fire on the morning of 7 December 1992. A new church was built on the same site.
Saint Barnabas, Dulwich, Lost Churches web link
Saint Barnabas, Dulwich, map link
C 1891-1936 M 1894-1939

Saint Clement, East Dulwich

Hindmans Road SE22 East Dulwich,
London Borough of Southwark
A temporary mission church of St John’s parish, it became a separate parish in 1883 when the first Vicar was appointed, and was replaced by
St Clement’s church on Friern Road in 1885 (below).
Saint Clement, East Dulwich, temp church Lost Churches web link
Saint Clement, East Dulwich, temp church map link

Saint Clement, East Dulwich

Friern Road, East Dulwich, SE22 0AY
London Borough of Southwark
This building replaced the first St Clement’s (above). It was destroyed in World War II, and rebuilt in 1958 on the same site.
Saint Clement, East Dulwich, Lost Churches web link
Saint Clement, East Dulwich, map link
C 1880- M 1886-

Saint Faith

Sunray Avenue, North Dulwich, SE24
London Borough of Southwark
The building, an “Arts & Crafts” style, is still in use as a community centre; it was replaced as a place of worship by the present church building (1959) adjacent.
Saint Faith, North Dulwich, Lost Churches web link
Saint Faith, North Dulwich, map link
C 1910- M 1935-

Saint John The Evangelist, East Dulwich

East Dulwich Churches: St. John the Evangelist, East Dulwich
East Dulwich, Goose Green, SE22 9AT
London Borough of Southwark
Saint John The Evangelist, East Dulwich, web link
Saint John The Evangelist, East Dulwich, map link
C 1848-2000 M 1866-2001

Saint Peter, Dulwich Common

Dulwich Churches: St. Peter, Dulwich Common
Lordship lane, Dulwich, SE22
London Borough of Southwark
The parish of Saint Peter, Dulwich Common was formed out of the parish of Saint Giles, Camberwell, in 1867. After using a temporary building for a
few years, St. Peter’s church was built in 1874.
The church was declared redundant in 1984. The church is used as a church, but not Anglican.
Saint Peter, Dulwich Common, Lost Churches web link
Saint Peter, Dulwich Common, map link
C 1869- M 1884-

Saint Stephen

Dulwich Churches: St. Stephen's, South Dulwich
College Road, South Dulwich, SE21 7HW
Saint Stephen, South Dulwich, web link
Saint Stephen, South Dulwich, map link
C 1869-1897 M 1869-1923


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  1. Are there any pictures of St Clements old church, which wa situated in the corner of Barry Road and Upland road, East Dulwich. It had a steeple. I remember this church standing and being demolished, but wondered when it was demolished and why. I believe flats were built in its place? Maybe you could confirm that? Thank you.

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