Eltham History Books

Eltham History Books

FamLoc displays details of Eltham History books, and provides the facility for buying them online

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FamLoc has republished “The Story of Royal Eltham” and “Records of the Woolwich District vol II” in print and eBook format.
You can buy the books online, add your own information to our web pages, and view the images we have uploaded from the book.

The Story of Royal Eltham, by R. R. C. Gregory

First published in 1909, The Story of Royal Eltham is almost 600 pages of invaluable information for the local historian and family historian.
This FamLoc edition has been fully re-edited and reformatted to retain quality (beware of some “publishers” who merely photocopy the source material).
The Story of Royal Eltham is much more than about royalty; within can be found much information on churches, people of note, old buildings and landmarks, street names, charities, and much more.

Records of the Woolwich District vol II includes a fair amount of Eltham history information.

More Eltham History Books and Maps

We display other books of interest. The Godfrey maps are excellent, and great value.

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