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History of the Borough of Lewisham, by Leland L. DuncanThis book was first published in 1908, and covers the geographic area of what was then the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham, formed in 1900, and includes Lewisham, Lee, Catford, Hither Green, Forest Hill, Bellingham, Rushey Green, Southend, Honor Oak, part of Blackheath, part of Brockley, and part of Sydenham. It is a history of those places, and not a history of the borough.
The book covers the history from ancient times up to 1908. It is rich in the origins of street names and places, and includes much information on churches, topography, notable events, people of influence, and much more. 73 excellent photographs and illustrations are included, making it invaluable for the local historian, family historian, and others with a connection to the places mentioned.
This FamLoc edition is a slight modification; there have been changes to format and some punctuation. However, the grammar and prose has been faithfully retained, other than changes to a handful of typographical errors and the very few instances where clarity was required.

Below is an extract from History of the Borough of Lewisham:

On Rocque’s Map, 1745, the land under cultivation is shown as extending as far as Perry Slough (Perry Vale) and near where Dacres Road now runs. All beyond this was wild open forest, and had been so from time immemorial, hardly a house existing west of a line represented by the railway. A country track from Perry Slough led over “Crow Green,” which occupied about the position of Forest Hill Railway Station, and westwards over the hills to Dulwich. This is represented to-day by the London Road.
The district was known from early times simply as “The Forest,” and those who dwelt there were styled, “John atte Forest,” “William atte Forest,” etc. In the Rental of the Manor of Lewisham, about 1320, Adam and Robert atte Forest are shown as paying 3¼d. for their tenement, which formerly belonged to one Martin Syward, and they further paid 3s. for land “at the Forest.” They were probably free tenants holding small farms on the out-skirts of the manor. The name, Forest Hill, does not occur in the Parish Registers until the year 1797, which is further evidence of the paucity of inhabitants.

Other Forest Hill history books and maps

We display the books we have found which may be of interest. We also include the excellent Godfrey maps of Forest Hill, which show the streets, houses, public houses, etc., and have the bonus of having a Business Directory of the area on the reverse.

We are always looking for Forest Hill History Books, and welcome suggestions.

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