Grove Park History Books

Grove Park History Books

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Being a small area, it is no surprise there are no dedicated books on the history of Grove Park. However, The History of the Borough of Lewisham, first published in 1908, covers what was then the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham, formed in 1900. The book includes Lewisham, Lee, Catford, Hither Green, Forest Hill, Bellingham, Rushey Green, Southend, Honor Oak, part of Blackheath, part of Brockley, and part of Sydenham. It also covers Grove Park, although it must be said only in passing.
The book is rich in the origins of street names and places, and includes much information on churches, topography, notable events, people of influence, and much more.
73 photographs and illustrations are included, making it invaluable for the local and family historian.
It has recently been republished as an eBook by FamLoc.

Below is an extract from History of the Borough of Lewisham:

A short distance along the Eltham Road stood the farm buildings of Lee Green Farm, and near the boundary with Eltham the Lee Toll Gate, which was abolished in 1866. The boundary between Lee and Eltham passes across the Eltham Road and through Horne Park southwards, Burnt Ash Road running centrally through this part of the parish. The origin of this name is obscure. In early documents it is called Brindishe. It may be derived from the making of charcoal from the wood which formerly covered the southern part of the parish.
Half-way up Burnt Ash Hill we come to the turning to Bromley, now known as Baring Road. This leads to Grove Park, so named from Grove Farm then existing. Burnt Ash Hill itself continues into Burnt Ash Lane, formerly known as Marvell’s Lane, so called from its leading to “The Marvells,” a farm and piece of woodland at the Bromley end of the parish. The boundary of the parish on the west is formed for some distance by a small stream which runs by the side of Shroffield’s Manor in Lewisham. This stream runs at the rear of the Lee Cemetery and along the side of Hither Green Lane. and, passing under the S.E. Railway, joins the Quaggy in Manor Park.

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