Hackney History Books

Hackney History Books

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“Drawing on the documentary sources and visual collection of Hackney’s Archives Department, this text tells the story of Hackney from Roman times, describing how it changed from a country parish to today’s diverse community. Hackney has a reputation for radicalism in religion and politics, but also has a long history as a place of innovation. The 17th-century diarist, Samuel Pepys, tasted his first orange in a Hackney garden, and the plant nurseries of Hackney contributed to the development of new plant species and garden designs. Among Hackney’s industries were pioneers in the manufacture of paint and plastics, while petrol was first so named at Hackney Wick. The book takes the story of Hackney from the early days when it was a parish of scattered hamlets, through Victorian building development, to the late 20th century. The proximity of the City of London made Hckney home to bankers and merchants, yet it has been enriched by people from a wide range of communities. Jews and Huguenots arrived in the 17th century, Germans in the 19th and people came from the Caribbean, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, eastern Europe and Turkey in the modern day.”
– Strength in the Tower: Illustrated History of Hackney

“The farms and nursery gardens of these two old villages gave way to terraces for City workers in the 19th century. As with other suburbs the railway era permitted the affluent to leave, abandoning the area to poorer workers. The author records the problems related to the creation of Victoria Park and the significant local presence of protestant dissenting movements. Famous residents include Samuel Rogers, John Howard, General Booth and George Gilbert Scott.”
– Hackney and Stoke Newington Past

“This addition to the “Britain in Old Photographs” series brings together a collection of black-and-white pictures spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Drawn from family albums, local collections and professional photographers, they show the way things were and how they have changed. Every photograph is captioned, providing names and dates where possible, revealing historical and anecdotal detail and giving life to the scenes and personalities captured through the camera lens. Bringing together all aspects of daily life – celebrations and disasters, work and leisure, people and buildings – the collection should inspire memories, as well as serve as an introduction to visitors.”
– Hackney, Homerton & Dalston: Prints and Engravings, 1720 – 1948 [From the Collection at Hackney Archives Department]

Find in our Hackney History Books panel (above) various books on the history of Hackney.
We also include the excellent Godfrey maps of Hackney, which show the streets, houses, public houses, etc., and have the bonus of having a Business Directory of the area on the reverse.

We hope to re-publish out-of-print Hackney History books ourselves soon, and welcome suggestions.

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