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FamLoc republishes out-of-print Hampstead local history books and makes them available to a new generation of people.
We hope to add more Hampstead local history books in the future. We are also interested in helping people publish their own Hampstead local history books or memoirs.

Records of Hampstead

Records of Hampstead, or “Records of the Manor, Parish, and Borough of Hampstead,” to give the full title, was first published in 1890. This FamLoc Edition has been modified only slightly from F. E. Baines’ original; the prose has been retained, other than the correction of a handful of typos, and there has been a small number of changes to the punctuation. Records of Hampstead is just under 500 pages packed with a huge variety of information on Hampstead, and will be of interest to the local historian as well as the family historian. There are also 50 illustrations.

The Northern Heights of London, by William Howitt

This Hampstead history book was first published in 1869, and covers Hampstead, Highgate, Islington, Muswell Hill and Hornsey.
For this FamLoc Edition there have been some inevitable changes to format, especially regarding the quotations, although the prose has been faithfully retained, other than changes to one or two typographical errors, and where clarity is required.
It is over 500 pages, packed with information on the geography, people and events, and also includes 40 line drawings from photographs. This book is a valuable resource for Hampstead local historians and family historians, as well as those who just want to know more about the place in which they live.

Some Hampstead Memories

This was first published in 1909, and although very slim, has some qualities, not least the 16  illustrations by Frederick Adcock.
It is not a personal memory book; rather, it is a short reminisce through some of the various famous residents, such as Keats, Shelley, and Leigh Hunt – along with extracts of poetry. There is also information on Jack Straw’s Castle and the Spaniards Inn.
This FamLoc Edition has been modified only slightly from Mary Adams’ original. There has been the inevitable changes to format, and the illustrations have been moved to coincide better with the relevant text. The grammar and prose, however, has been faithfully retained, other than changes to a handful of typographical errors.
The footnotes of the original have been incorporated into the new Notes to Text chapter at the end of the book, the annotated text being underlined.
This will prove to be a valuable addition to the other Hampstead books we at FamLoc have published.

History, Topography and Antiquities of Highgate, by John H. Lloyd

This book, by John H. Lloyd was first published in 1888. It covers Highgate and also has notes on Crouch End, Muswell Hill and Hornsey.
Although not a Hampstead history book, we have included it here because of its proximity to Hampstead, and there being a common history.
This FamLoc edition is a faithful republication, retaining the original prose, other than correcting a handful of typos. The format has been changed, especially the quotations, which have been indented as with modern usage.
We at FamLoc think this is an excellent book, giving many, many hours of enjoyment for those interested in local history or family history – and for those who are lucky enough to live in Highgate and want to know more about the area.


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