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The Northern Heights of London, by William Howitt

“This book was first published in 1869, and covers Hampstead, Highgate, Islington, Muswell Hill and Hornsey.
For this FamLoc Edition there have been some inevitable changes to format, especially regarding the quotations, although the prose has been faithfully retained, other than changes to one or two typographical errors, and where clarity is required.
It is over 500 pages, packed with information on the geography, people and events, and also includes 40 line drawings from photographs. This book is a valuable resource for local historians and family historians, as well as those who just want to know more about the place in which they live.
Please note this is a properly republished edition, not a simple facsimile.”
The Northern Heights of London

“In response to requests from the readers of the Islington Gazette these are the articles (expanded and updated) commissioned by the paper to celebrate the Millennium. They tell the eccentric, unconventional, fascinating history of the borough from the days when elephants roamed around what is now Kings Cross, when drovers crowded into The Old Red Lion and the Angel Inn, to the Islington of today. This book brings together the highlights of Islington’s past and explains what it is that made and still makes Islington so special.”
– Islington: The First 2000 Years

“A more concise work than Mary Cosh’s History of Islington, this was the first of the ‘Past’ series and is now in its third printing. It describes Islington’s beginnings as a village catering for livestock drovers (and their animals) on their way to Smithfield. Later it became a residential adjunct to the City, home to lawyers and small businesses. With the escape to the suburbs by affluent residents, the grim days came, even in the handsome squares, with overcrowding, dereliction and slums, only for Islington to rise again with the boost of the Victoria line and become a restored area with a wealth of theatres, restaurants and bars.”
Islington Past

More Islington History Books and Maps

We display a variety of Islington history books. We also include the excellent Godfrey maps of Islington, which show the streets, houses, public houses, etc., and have the bonus of having a Business Directory of the area on the reverse..


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