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"Old Kew, Chiswick and Kensington" book coverOld Kew, Chiswick and Kensington, by Lloyd Sanders.

Old Kew, Chiswick and Kensington was originally published in 1910. This FamLoc Edition is a faithful re-publication, preserving Lloyd Sanders’ original text. There have, however, been the necessary changes to format, and a very small number of corrections to typographical errors.

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Chapters concerning Kew:

Chapter I: Vanished Kew
Sir Richard Phillips — His “Walk to Kew” — The Priory — Kew Green — The Church — “That child of genius, Gainsborough” —First mention of Kew — The Duke of Suffolk and the French Queen — Other Tudor courtiers — Sir John Puckering — In the days of the Stuarts — Sir Peter Lely.
Chapter II: The Dutch House and Kew House
The dairy house — Fortrey, Levett and the Dutch House — It is rented by Queen Caroline — Richmond Gardens — The Hermitage and the Grotto — Stephen Duck — Rocque’s maps of the Gardens — Fields and a “Managery” — Kew House and Lord Capel — Evelyn’s visits to Kew —Samuel Molyneux — His association with James Bradley — A quack and a widow — Kew House and the Dutch House become one Court.
Chapter III: A Prince, a Princess, and a Favourite
Frederick, Prince of Wales — The evidence of Lord Hervey and Horace Walpole — The Court at Kew — Feud be­tween parents and son — The Prince banished to Kew — His death — His horticulture — The Princess and Lord Bute — The education of George III — Almon’s “Political Register” — Chambers and the Pagoda — The temples of Kew — The menagerie — The Exotic Garden — The second founder of the Botanic Garden.
Chapter IV: George III at Kew
Death of George II — Seclusion of the Princess Mother — Her death — Queen Charlotte’s acquisitions — Kew and Richmond Gardens joined — The King’s activities — His Merino flock —Banks and his treasure-hunters — Inhabi­tants of the Green — The Queen’s private garden — Mr. Frame, burglar — The young Princes— Kew in 1776 — Amusements of the Court — Royal kindnesses — Child­hood of George IV — “Perdita” at Kew — The Prince at Carlton House — Death of Prince Octavius.
Chapter V: The King’s Madness
Miss Burney’s description of the Palace — A strict house­hold —Its members — Loyal Kew — Insanity of the King — His removal to Kew — The arrangements — Suspense of the household — Dr. Willis — Disagreements between the doctors — Addresses of condolence — The King’s recovery — Strand-on-the-Green.
Chapter VI: The Passing of Royalty
Decline of Kew — Demolition of the White House — Its last days — Wyatt’s Palace — Last visit of George III — Queen Charlotte’s death — Kew Palace described — Queen Charlotte’s bedroom —Mr. Fitzgerald’s collection — The Duke of Cumberland — The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — Their son, the late Duke —Decay of the Gardens — Sir William Hooker’s reign — Gates and greenhouses — The Jodrell Laboratory and North Gallery.
Chapter VII: Kew Church and Bridge
A private chapel — Additions and rebuildings — Monuments in the interior — Meyer — Gainsborough’s tomb — His residence at Kew — Zoffany — Officials of the Gardens — High life below stairs — Caleb Colton — Gloucester House — Kew ferry — The toll — The old bridge — Granville Sharp.

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