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Welcome to our Mottingham History Books page. Mottingham is a small place, and is often overlooked. It is partly in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and partly in the London Borough of Bromley.
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The Story of Royal Eltham, by R. R. C. Gregory

First published in 1909, The Story of Royal Eltham is almost 600 pages of invaluable information for the local historian and family historian.
This FamLoc edition has been fully re-edited and reformatted to retain quality (beware of some “publishers” who merely photocopy the source material).
The Story of Royal Eltham is much more than about royalty; within can be found much information on churches, people of note, old buildings and landmarks, street names, charities, and much more.
Click HERE or on the image to buy the Story of Royal Eltham online.


Mention of Mottingham in The Story of Royal Eltham

Mottingham is mentioned here and there throughout the book, and there is also a small chapter devoted to Mottingham:
Chapter L: Some Notes on Mottingham

Other Mottingham History Books and Maps

Mottingham is closely connected with Eltham, so we suggest looking at our Eltham History Books page also


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