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“This first major history of Paddington in forty years provides a fresh and revealing perspective on this celebrated heritage suburb in Sydney – one of the largest and most intact Victorian enclaves in the world. Leading historians and specialists explore the makeup of Paddington’s diverse community – including its Indigenous, colonial, post-war migrant, bohemian and LGBTQ residents, and a succession of gentrifiers – and discuss the evolution of the suburb’s unique architecture and landscape.”
Paddington: A History

“In this intriguing new collection of old postcards and photographs, the Paddington of the past has been recreated through the images that were recognisable daily sights to those who have know the area during the twentieth century.
From street scenes of bustling market days to the first sighting of motor cars on Paddington streets, the reader is taken on a nostalgic trip into a bygone era of this fascinating former borough of London. The broad streets that crossed the city and the carriages and wagons which travelled along them are preserved here in magnificent form, as are the shops and traders who served the needs of the people of Paddington. The smart terraces and apartments of Bayswater and Tyburnia are set alongside recreational images of walkers taking the air in some of London’s many royal and municipal parks.
Anyone who has visited Paddington, or who has memories of the area as it was, will find this book both stimulating and informative. Paddington provides a rare opportunity to witness the vibrant history of an ever-changing inner London area.”
Paddington (Images of England)

We also include the excellent Godfrey maps of Paddington, which show the streets, houses, public houses, etc., and have the bonus of having a Business Directory of the area on the reverse.

We at FamLoc are very much interested in republishing out-of-print and new Paddington history books and making them available to a new generation. Your suggestions are welcome.


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