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Welcome to our Rotherhithe Schools and Colleges page. FamLoc includes details of Rotherhithe schools and colleges, include info about admission and discharge registers, and include a map link of the schools locations.

School and Colleges Admission and Discharge registers are an under-used resource. They give the dates of admission and discharge, date of birth, the school attended prior or subsequently, address of student, guardian, and, if lucky, more personal info.

Some Rotherhithe schools were named after a nearby main road; please note the school may not actually be in that road. Similarly, the address given directly after the name of the school need not necessarilly be the actual address.
Some schools had a change of name (typically from a street name), or the same school name was used in different locations at different times.

Remember that the school or college attended might not be in the same town as the student lived.

We welcome all input to Rotherhithe Schools and Colleges from local historians and those who have family history connections to Rotherhithe.


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