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“Join Reginald (Reg) Cambridge at the beginning of his World War 2 journey in the early 1940s as he enlists as an Infantryman at the age of 17. Often humorous, sometimes tragic, but always honest, this easy-to-read autobiography shares the author’s real life experiences during the devastation and chaos of war. By the age of 19 he was fighting in some of the most intense battles of WW2, including the North African and Italian campaigns. His simple ambition and motivation was shared by his fellow comrades – to survive! Although a traumatic period of history, humour and inspiration were always to be found, and this is the focus of many of the stories shared by Reg in this memoir. The author also explores the rigidity and intolerance of the military, which created in him a sense of injustice and frustration, resulting in a ‘chip on his shoulder’ that Reg carried for many years. Although briefly leaving the military on two occasions, he soon returned and spent the majority of his service in the Intelligence Corps in Europe and the Far East. This intriguing and captivating read invites you into Reg’s world, sharing his joyful times as well as his sorrow, his thoughts and his stories of wonderful family, friends, pets and places, including the week he and a colleague went AWOL in Sicily during wartime in order to explore the island! The three-legged pig! Being hit in the arse by shrapnel! Being court-martialled! Having his jaw broken! Recollections of the comradery with fellow soldiers and those of a more intimate and emotional nature with women are also shared. Reg Cambridge retired on 1971. Approximately 60 years after his wartime experiences, he reunited again with his ‘old pals’. Now in his nineties, he is excited to make his story available to everyone. This autobiography will be of interest to members of the military, WW2 Veterans, Military Social Historians, fans of biographies, friends and families of those who fought in the North African and Italian campaigns – and anyone who enjoys reading about the lives and experiences of others.”
It’s a Long Way to Tooting Broadway: The Autobiography of a WW2 British Soldier

“Few working class women of Alice’s generation wrote their autobiography, which includes harsh times in domestic service, gaining her ambition to become a nurse, marrying a widower and becoming a mother and step-mother and, eventually in old age living with her daughter Bertha in Chard. As well as general readers, this book is sought for first-hand information about housing conditions, female employment and social circumstances during Alice’s lifetime.”
 – Alice from Tooting: 1879-1977 Working Class Autobiography

We display in our panel (above0 the Tooting history books we think will be of interest.  We also include the excellent Godfrey maps of Tooting, which show the streets, houses, public houses, etc., and have the bonus of having a Business Directory of the area on the reverse.

We at FamLoc are very much interested in republishing out-of-print Tooting history books, as well as new ones, and making them available to a new generation. Your suggestions are welcome.


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